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Studying abroad as been one of the biggest experience a student can have. It changes your perspectives about life, you study in an international environment and I believe that really helps a brighter future. Your graduate resume will be more attractive and job opportunities will be international, in some cases your language proficiency will be advanced, and you will have developed lifelong friendships, connections will be made internationally from the university level. What a bright future you set for yourself!

            Charis consult has brought that opportunity to your door step and as made it easy to experience any enjoy this service.



All you need do is fill in the form provided or contact us via our mail or number provided.



Each university have slightly different application and registration procedures, the general steps you take during the application procedure and registration period are as follows:


  • Send the Basic Requirements for Admission and Scholarship to our mail address provided. (

  • Agency fee is to be paid via any platform most convenient for you.

  • Application process begins with document evaluation and once the eligibility is confirmed you will receive your Conditional Acceptance Letter(CAL).

  • Once you pay the initial amount stated on your CAL and fulfil the other conditions stated on your CAL(if any) you will then receive your Unconditional Acceptance Letter (UAL) which is needed for Visa Processing.

  • You can now book for Visa Appointment online.

  • Make sure you inform us about your flight details 3 working days before your arrival for your airport pick up. Once you arrive at North Cyprus Ercan Airport get picked up by university personnel and you have 2-3 days to stay in a temporary accommodation till you decide if to stay on campus or not.

  • We will Register you the very next day after you arrive in North Cyprus, get your student ID, start selecting your courses, and register at accommodation halls if you are staying on campus.

  • Orientation week will inform you about everything you need about North Cyprus and your university.


Graduate Program.

Master’s Programs with Thesis

Master’s programs with thesis and non-thesis options are available leading to Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Arts (M.A.), and to several professional degrees, and doctoral programs leading to Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) are available. Minimum course requirement in master’s programs with thesis option is the completion of 21 credits compromising seven 3-credit courses. Furthermore, the student is required to successfully complete a non-credit seminar course aimed at training the student to prepare written and oral scientific presentations. The student should also carry out research under the supervision of a faculty member, prepare and orally defend a master’s thesis.


Non-Thesis Master’s Programs

Non-thesis master’s programs are designed to furnish the student with necessary academic background for further professional development. 10 courses (14 in MBA program) and a term project should be completed. The second structure is applied at EMU.

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