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Get Into Your Dream University with Charis Consult

Do you have questions about how to study abroad and where to begin? Do not look further, we’ve got all you need.

Michelle Obama once said, “the benefits of studying abroad are almost endless”. Well, studying abroad is life-changing, and it’s something you should consider. But first and foremost, a study abroad application requires much planning, including the best time to study abroad? The affordability? Which countries you should apply to, and how do you go about it? Nevertheless, summer is here again! And It's also that time of year when most people go to the beach, travel, or spend time with friends and family but we at Charis Consult believe that this summer is the ideal time for you to thoroughly explore the objectives and ambitions of your study abroad goals. It's vital to know that if you're looking for programs this summer, you'll most likely come across the ones that start in the fall semester. Remember, preparing to go abroad takes lots of planning! With that in mind, here are some ideas for making the most of your summer study abroad plans:

  • Identify and set your goals: First, take some time to think about what you hope to achieve from studying abroad. Consider your future, career objectives, and how moving abroad will help you accomplish them.

  • Make inquiries and indicates your interest to begin your application with for your preferred program to have a broader idea of what type of programs are available and what country is suitable for you.

  • Book an Appointment: Once you have found your program of interest, make an appointment with a charis consult representative where all needed information and assistance will be given.

  • Prepare, review and submit necessary documents.

  • Get ready to resume at your Dream University while we complete your admission process.


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