Charis Consult is a conglomerate. A multi-functional company which started operation in 2015 but started officially in April 14, 2018. We started few years ago (2015) with the educational advancement service and gradually we grew into Forex trading and we kept growing.  We are prepared to use all our available resources to satisfy our clients.

Who We Are;

Charis consult is one of Nigeria’s most diversified business conglomerates with a hard – earned reputation for excellent business practices and quality service with its operational headquarters in Osun state, Oshogbo Nigeria. Charis consult is a service based company that bridges the bridge of international dealings. We are here to make it very easy for anyone to travel as much as they want for any purpose either schooling, work, tourism or international trades, business development nationwide and we also teach Forex education. International dealings can be as easy as possible if dealing with the right authority.

Since inception, Charis consult has experienced phenomenal growth on account of the quality of its services, its focus is on affordable cost, leadership, efficiency of its human capital and customer testimonials. Today, we have experienced growth in all service diversification and are expectant of more growth.


Charis consult is a conglomerate that diversifies into various services.

We offer service for those who want to travel abroad to advance in their studies.

We take you on tour visits to exclusive places around the world.

We offer business development services, keeping your ideas in safe hands and turning that small scale to a worldwide know business.






Other Services;

We buy, sell and manage properties.



We teach on how to trade effectively in Forex.


To get any of the listed services kindly send us a message on instagram @charis_consult

  •  We buy Itunes card, gift cards and bitcoins.

  • We ship phones and gadgets from USA.

  • We buy money from Paypal for exchange.

  • We sell smartphones, apple, samsung, etc.

  • We ship items to and from any country.

  • We sell airline travel tickets which come alongside free transportation to and from the airport.

  • We engage in tourism trips periodically.


creating wealth opportunities.....


Charis consult is striving for self-reliance in Nigeria and across the globe in all the sectors where it operates and has drawn up ambitious plans to set up world-class projects in new realms such as foreign exchange, Agriculture and Telecom.

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