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A Courtesy Visit to Mr. Ayobami Ajewole 'Woli Agba': A Milestone for Charis Consult Nigeria

A courtesy visit to Mr Ayo Ajewole
Ayo Ajewole 'Woli Agba' & Adedotun Idowu CEO, Charis Consul

In the colorful metropolis of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, on September 5, 2023, Charis Consult Nigeria set out on an important journey: a courtesy call to Mr. Ayobami Ajewole, also known as "Woli Agba." Woli Agba and his team graciously welcomed the Charis Consult team, which included its MD/CEO, Mr. Idowu Adedotun Emmanuel, Mr. Gbenga Idowu (General Manager, Nigeria), Mr. Bolaji Samuel (Sales Manager, Nigeria), Miss Sikemi Balogun (Office Administrator, Nigeria), and Mr. Adefila Oluwanifemi. Given the company's fledgling branch in the city of Ibadan and the larger Nigerian market, this visit served a significant purpose: to introduce Charis Consult to respected figures in Ibadan, shed light on their services, and obtain valuable guidance from people who have succeeded in the local business arena.

During this monumental meeting, Mr. Adedotun gave a thorough overview of Charis Consult, detailing the variety of services it provides, including educational advancement, tourism programs, flight booking, business development, and the yet-to-launch Real estate division within the Nigerian branch. The presentation prepared everyone in attendance for an insightful discussion to follow. Woli Agba's candid advice to Charis Consult was one of the meeting's most important moments. He gave advice that was sincere, based on his vast experience, and grounded in knowledge. He imparted priceless knowledge on how Charis Consult may successfully promote its services in Ibadan as well as Nigeria as a whole.

The company leaders were deeply appreciative of this counsel, recognizing its potential to shape their future endeavors significantly. Woli Agba, a respected elder in the Ibadan community, demonstrated a genuine desire to nurture the growth of young businesses. Charis Consult did not take Woli Agba's advice lightly. They expressed heartfelt gratitude for the privilege of the meeting and for his earnest guidance. It was evident that his advice had left an indelible mark on their plans and strategies, prompting them to hit the ground running in implementing the insights shared during the visit.

The meeting ended on a positive note of respect and gratitude. Woli Agba received a wonderful gift from Charis Consult in appreciation for his time and helpful counsel. Group photographs were taken at the end of the tour representing the start of a future productive partnership. In retrospect, Charis Consult's efforts to build a presence in Ibadan and Nigeria were greatly aided by the courtesy visit to Mr. Ayobami Ajewole, aka "Woli Agba." It emphasized how important it is to get advice from knowledgeable members of the neighborhood business community and develop deep connections with respected individuals in society.

In a nutshell, the knowledge offered at this meeting would act as a compass, reminding Charis Consult of the priceless lessons imparted, as it proceeded to plot its course in the Nigerian business environment.

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