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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

CHARIS CONSULT is a conglomerate firm that spans across several business sectors such as Tourism, Education, Construction, and Finance.


CHARIS CONSULT began operations in 2015 as an educational advancement company and gradually opened up doors to more business in 2018 establishing its first physical presence in Northern Cyprus.

Despite starting as an educational advancement company, CHARIS CONSULT has taken several giant steps into Tourism, Travel management, Business Development, Finance Management, Construction, and Property Management sectors.

As a part of our Business Development process, CHARIS CONSULT took on the practice of helping start-up companies build their business from scratch into high-income generating businesses whilst helping other existing businesses experience a greater level of growth in their companies.

Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 slowed down many businesses, CHARIS CONSULT remained at the edge of business and ensured we helped clients cope with the new business measures, by maximizing resources with quick and efficient marketing tools.

Today, we see our company CHARIS CONSULT is making giant strides in the global market as our business operation spreads its reach to 2 nations of the world.

Our motto at CHARIS CONSULT is, 'Creating Wealth Opportunities'.


We have an excellent and visionary leadership team in our organization who put on an unbreakable commitment to reaching the set goals of the company.


To become a global market leader by becoming the bridge that connects people to their desires.


To become the go-to firm that creates wealth that can be preserved and sustained.


At CHARIS CONSULT, we believe that the fulfillment of our corporate aspirations is inseparable from the values guiding our thoughts and actions. Our behavior is hence founded on some non-negotiable values which include;

  • Integrity

  • Accountability

  • ŸQuality

  • Customer Commitment

  • Tenacity

  • Teamwork

  • ŸAffordability

  • ŸEfficiency, and

  • ŸAppreciation

Our main aim is to Create Wealth Opportunities and this explains why we have set aside these goals to guide the day-to-day operations of our business.


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